Sep 07

What Is a Beasley Variant?

What is a Beasley variant? Most of us are taught spelling in school and learn to understand that there is a “correct” spelling for most words. From the time of first learning our name and how to read we understand the “correct” spelling of our names. Most of us would... read more →
Sep 07

What is a One-Name Study?

What is a One-Name Study? The idea of a One-Name Study is to examine all aspects of a given surname. The organization defining and supporting the One-Name study is the Guild of One-Name Studies, affectionately known as “GOONS”. The Beasley Study was registered with the Guild on 29 Aug 2010.... read more →
Sep 07

Beasley Surname Study Introduction

What is the Beasley Surname Study? At its core, BSS is a One-Name Study… comprehensive research of the Beasley surname and its variations worldwide. This includes what the surname means, who are the people using the surname, where did they come from and where did they go. The project can... read more →